‎McDonald’s szechuan sauce

by rainsight on 04/2/2018

All editions:

And the clip of the Chinese editon:

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by rainsight on 03/22/2018



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How to play youtube videos in the background

by rainsight on 03/18/2018

I really like the youtube, but if you don’t subscribe, you cannot play videos in the background or screen locked even using the youtube red app.

Fortunately,  there is an app which support those functions perfectly,

Music Player for YouTube. – Angela Rezusta

If you are distressed by those g……

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How to dress in Yukata

by rainsight on 03/15/2018

Last week I’ve been to Japan to waste my vacation. Stayed in Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan (本阵平野屋花兆庵酒店) and enjoyed the leisure.

The one of most worth-trying thing in japan surely is onsen bath, but I never learned how to wear the japanese traditional cloth. This time lucky the hotel provided a english……

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Coinhive, make a profit from your website.

by rainsight on 02/21/2018

Coinhive is a javascript plug-in that allowed you make profits from your website by draining visitors’  CPU.

Though sounds not so modest, it did provide a alternative way to make small money for these website owner.

Relax, there is no Coinhive plug-in on my site, but I did make a video which s……

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Bought a new panasonic dish washer “NP-TR1HECN”

by rainsight on 02/8/2018

Not bad for the single or couple.

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Gogo inflight free wifi code giving away

by rainsight on 01/16/2018

screenshot 3
screenshot 5

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老版 银翼杀手 里的台词

by rainsight on 12/28/2017


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by rainsight on 12/26/2017


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by rainsight on 12/18/2017


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